Why Indus


Why Indus


We believe that our core purpose, “To enable Students realize their potential and make their dreams come true”, can be achieved by putting Why Indus.

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We focus on excellence and in demonstrable performance by our students and staff. We seek excellence in everything that we do and the chief activity of the School being Academics, we seek nothing but the best in academic performance. This is bolstered by our core values, namely Risk Taking, Openness, Ownership, Honesty, and Commitment to students and Innovation.

It is not a matter of surprise that our core purpose applies not only to our main work in the classrooms, but also to how we manage, behave, communicate and interact outside the classrooms.

Our curriculum is created to be consistent with the philosophy embedded in our core purpose and core values. We work towards these values being taught, instilled and reinforced in the classroom, in our classroom management practices, and in our conduct outside the classroom.