Parent Education


Open Workshops for Parents


At Indus World School, we conduct several workshops, training sessions and events for the benefits of parents. In fact, certain such sessions are even designed and delivered by the parent community.


Parent Teacher Interactions


We believe that the Parents/guardians and Teachers interactions (PTIs) are vital to effective academic, social, emotional and physical development of our students.

PTIs provide a wonderful support, reinforcement, course correction and the required energy for development of the students.

At the basic level, the parents or guardians wish to know if their child or ward is safe, secure and happy at the school and how they can help as parents or guardians. This is only passive interaction.

We believe that for the parents to be included in the growth and development of the students, they should not just be informed but also be taken as an integral part of the team that works development of the students. Parents are the partners in progress for the School.

The huge potential of PTIs is tapped by us when we engage the parent in a constructive, positive and meaningful interaction aimed to find solutions and innovative methods for overall improvement rather than trying to just identify problems.

We not only document the discussions conducted at the PTIs but also keep a tracker to ensure that we don’t miss out on any agreed upon action.

At Indus World School, we consider PTIs as a wonderful and effective source of improvement for the students, teachers and the School.