WHY INDUS WORLD SCHOOL / Quality Circle Time ("QCT")

Quality Circle Time ("QCT")


At Indus World School, we encourage the development of healthy interpersonal skills and value education from early age.

A unique practice at Indus is one of Quality Circle Time (“QCT”), which is followed once a week by teachers and students together.

The basic skills learned and acquired through QCT are:


In QCT, students spend time sharing their social and emotional issues and challenges and try to address them.

During the QCT, students learn to sharpen their thinking and listening skills, learn to give and receive feedback to each other and share their emotions with each other. These practices help our students enhance their perceptiveness and self-disclosure, which are critical life skills.

QCT at Indus World School is implemented right from the beginning. It enables creating an environment where everyone celebrates achievements of others, accepts honest mistakes and resolves issues, if any.

Goal Setting


At Indus World School, the students take responsibilities of their own life early on. They set their own goals and review their own progress with their teachers. These build habit of self-management and personal effectives. This leads to a balanced social and emotional learning.

Community Service (Varkari Seva)


Self-less service born out of love for human beings. We believe that if the students take responsibility of their classrooms and the School through self-less service, they will be in future ready to take responsibility of the organization they will lead and communities they will reside in.

Indus World School students are privileged. They are called upon to share their time, imagination and energy with others. Projects within the local community, along with humanitarian trips to some of the poorest areas of the region, contribute to their education as compassionate human beings. Every year IWS arrange shramdan at different places for example Chandbibi Mahal, Darewadi road etc..
In every marathi month ashadh dindis travel on Nagar-Solapur road our students serve the varkari and distribute fruits, snackes, biscuts and water to them.


Home Visits


Home Visits are an integral part of learning at Indus World School. Home Visits at Indus World School are considered an important process of building relationships between the school and home, aimed at improved learning of our students. It helps the teachers understand and appreciate the family and home environment of the students. The aspirations and expectations are not only understood but also communicated by our teachers.

Engagement with the family helps the teachers better understand the child in a holistic manner resulting in action plan for improved academic, social and emotional development of the child. Each year, all our teachers ensure that all homes are visited at least once.